Mystery Quiz – Name that tree!

21 June 2014 “That government governs best which governs least.” Thomas Jefferson

I’m helping a little with the training of a new Certified Arborist with the main company I work with. I play a game with him that could be called “Name that tree”. He’s not too confident with his tree identification yet and asked for some help. So I’ll be out in the field, see an interesting species that isn’t just another Southern live oak or laurel oak (the two most common trees in Central Florida) and take a photo of it and see if he can guess what it is (or find it on Google if he can – either way he learns his trees.) It’s fun and educational! 🙂

So I figured why don’t I find out how good my readers are at identifying southern trees just from a photo of the leaf. The person who gets it first will be announced the winner! So here we go . . .
What is this? (Clue – I saw it in a roadside swamp next to a woodsy subdivision in Clearwater, FL)




    1. Good try, but cherry laurels have serrated edges and are elliptical in shape. This one has entire(smooth) or slightly wavy edges and is more ovate. best Bob

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