What’s your Florida tree IQ from their summer flowers?

4 July 2014   Idea of the Day  “97% of people who quit chasing their dreams are hired by the 3% that didn’t.” Unknown

I love Florida trees that have showy summer flowers so much I thought I’d show eleven here and let you see how many you can get right. Answers next week. I’ll name a winner if I get several players. (Nobody has yet correctly identified the tree leaves I left about ten days ago! Any takers?)

#1 Let’s start with an easy one! If you know the cultivar variety, it’s a bonus point. It blooms from May through October, probably
the longest lasting Florida tree flower.

#2 This one blooms big time all over the county starting early July and going through August. It’s a knockout when you spot it driving down the road.

#3 This is an attractive small tree that blooms in July and August. Sometimes it can be all golden flowers, sometimes a mix of red orange and golden, as shown here.

#4 This one has its entire canopy ablaze in all lavender color without many leaves in April and May, but here is an amazing one  in mid-August still blooming, more than any other I’ve ever seen this late.

August jacaranda in Dunedin


#5 This one starts blooming in June and goes well into August. Some call it the most beautiful tree in the world! Notice one of the five petals isn’t just red, it’s a paisley print! And its seed pods are about a foot long and very exotic looking.

#6 This one is another knockout in September! And then changes colors entirely in October! Clue – it’s the tree of my blog logo shown in the latter October there.

#7 This is a real eye-catcher from about early mid-July through September, long red flower stalks.

#8 This one is more common in South Florida, but shows up here in Central Florida as long as it didn’t freeze too long last winter. And its flowers are gorgeous.  I don’t know about global warming, but Florida is definitely warming.  Ten years ago winters were too cold in the Clearwater area for this one to show up.  Now it’s popping up as the last five winters along the coast haven’t gotten below 34 degrees!

#9 Ever seen a palm in gaudy flower bloom in October! Beautiful isn’t it?  What kind is it?
Medjool or sylvester!

#10 What’s this spring flowering tree doing blooming in late October?!

And here is a mature one 30 ft. high (not many around) in full glory in late February!

#11 And perhaps my favorite! I’ve even blown it up and printed it on canvas for sale. It blooms in October for a few weeks and manifests a characteristic palmate 5 leaf structure.


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